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A membership system that can control general users and member users.

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Member login app | Function

You can manage services that can be provided only to members.

With the member registration and login system, you can use app functions that only members can view, Push Notification apps, and so on.

Login function is an application module that can be easily installed in your Flutter WordPress.

Role of the Login Function
Protect personal information from third parties by setting IDs and passwords


Play an important role in verifying the identity of a person


Eliminates the need to register multiple times when browsing membership sites

Member-Only Services


Strengthening Relationships with Members


Easy Operational Management

Membership System Strengthens Relationships with User Members

A membership system allows you to control the content that can be viewed by general users and member users.
This has the advantage of strengthening the relationship with members and making it easier for them to purchase additional products and services.

Error-free operation with an easy-to-use management screen

We provide an easy-to-understand, user-friendly management screen for editing and managing member information and application functions.
By making good use of the content control unique to the membership system, it is not only effective in increasing engagement with registered members, but also in guiding non-members to become registered members.

Member login app Overview

Member login apps can improve the user experience and strengthen the relationship between companies and their customers. member login apps can be easily deployed in Flutter WordPress to add login functionality to your website. It also allows you to offer member-restricted content and functionality.

Member login app provides member registration and login functionality. Users can create their own accounts and log in. Users with login privileges can be offered special features such as push notifications and private content. By implementing a login system, you can deliver timely and accurate information about your products and services. It also allows you to track user behavior history and provide better personalized service.

The greatest benefit of the Member login app is to strengthen customer relationships. By offering member-restricted content and features, you can engage users more deeply. Member login apps also allow you to build ongoing relationships with your customers, and by tracking their purchase history and preferences through the member login app, you can tailor your products and services to them.

The Member login app can be easily implemented in Flutter WordPress, minimizing implementation costs and time. In addition, editing and managing member information and app features provides an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use administration screen. Member login app is a very effective tool for companies operating websites because it allows easy provision of member-restricted contents, delivery of push notifications, and editing and management of app functions.

The introduction of Member login app is expected to enhance communication with members, improve customer loyalty, and attract new customers.

Flutter WordPress can be customized.

The functions of each app are developed with generic specifications. If you want to change the specification for your own use, you can customize it.

Rather than developing each module from scratch, it is better to customize existing app functions, which shortens the delivery time and lowers the cost significantly.

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