App Development with Flutter

Flutter WordPress

Convert WordPress to Mobile App

Websites created with WordPress will be converted into apps and published in the app store.


Flutter WordPress is a service that converts WordPress sites into Flutter apps.
This service offers a number of design templates and modular app features to enhance the user experience.
This service is to provide an easy and efficient way to turn your WordPress website into a fast mobile app using Flutter technology.
The design templates and modular features are intended to make your app more visually appealing and functional.


Develop native applications for iOS and Android with Flutter.


Please prepare your WordPress

You will install a special plugin for WordPress.
We will get the content information from the plugin and divert the content to the application.


Decide the design and functionality

You can choose a Flutter design template.
We will also customize and develop any additional app features you would like to add to your app.


We develop iPhone and Android apps

We develop an iPhone or Android app that merges your WordPress content, design template, and additional features, and publish it to the app store.

Create your own application

Add the app features you want to your WordPress content, and create an original app with the design of your choice.


Additional features of the application

Please select the app features you need. You can also develop the features you want.

Design Templates

Shorten the design process and reduce costs by using design templates. By replacing icons, etc., an original design is completed.
You can also design freely without using design templates.


Features of Flutter WordPress

High-speed display of WordPress contents

We optimize the internal structure of the program and develop native apps for iOS and Android so that WordPress contents can be displayed on the app at high speed.
When you display contents on the app, the app has the necessary design structure and dynamic functions, and collects only text and images from WordPress. This reduces the amount of communication during screen transitions, so you can achieve a smoother, crisper feel.


Free to add app functions

The most important feature of this app service is that you can build an app with your favorite design and add your desired app functions. You can build your own apps in addition to what WordPress can do.


Low-cost service

Developing a high-performance native app is normally expensive, but by modularizing the app functions and using templates for the app design, we were able to realize a low-cost service.


Publication in the app store

Since this app is a native app, it can be published to AppStore for iPhone and Google Play for Android.
*This app is different from WebView apps or PWA (Progressive Web Apps), which are displayed in a browser.

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