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A "favorite" saving function for easy recall when you want to look back later.

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Bookmark app | Function

Bookmark WordPress contents in apps.

This is a “favorite” saving function that registers the pages you often browse when you make an app of WordPress contents, and save them so that you can easily recall them when you want to look back at them later.

Features of the Bookmark app
Check contents you are interested in

Easy access to contents you are interested in or want to review.


Memorize contents you are interested in

Bookmarks make it easier to follow messages and eliminate the fear of missing something.


Bookmarks can be organized

Bookmarks can be removed later, so they can be used to organize what you want to do.


Your Favorite Content


One-tap access


Individual bookmark management

Centralized management of favorites with the Bookmark app.

With the Bookmark app, you can save your favorite contents and manage them centrally. This is very convenient because you can access pages within the application with a single tap without having to search for them.

This system allows you to manage bookmark information individually.

When used in conjunction with the login function, it is possible to link member users to the database and manage bookmark information for each individual member.

Bookmark app Overview

The Bookmark app helps users manage their bookmarks within Flutter WordPress. The bookmark feature allows users to easily save content. Saving favorite pages within the app saves time by allowing users to quickly access them when they need them later. Bookmarks also allow users to easily access specific content.

The Bookmark app offers several advantages. First, bookmarks reduce the time needed to find content. This is accomplished by saving content that users frequently view. Users save time by not having to search for content they need to access again.

Bookmarks also make it easier for users to access the information they need, as well as to organize it. Users can identify the information they need and save it as a bookmark. Bookmarks can then be organized and related content can be grouped and saved.

The Bookmark app has a variety of features. Users can easily edit, delete, and share bookmarks. Bookmarks are also integrated into the in-app search functionality, making it easy for users to find the information they need.

Flutter WordPress can be customized.

The functions of each app are developed with generic specifications. If you want to change the specification for your own use, you can customize it.

Rather than developing each module from scratch, it is better to customize existing app functions, which shortens the delivery time and lowers the cost significantly.

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