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You can introduce "card payment", "convenience store payment", "bank transfer payment", etc. to your WordPress application.

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Shopping Cart app | Function

It can be used for a variety of businesses selling products.

It is a Shopping Cart app with functions for selecting products, ordering, and payment.

Shopping Cart app is an application module that can be easily installed in your Flutter WordPress.

Advantages of Introduction
1. Ease of management

Management will be smooth and less burdensome, as you will be able to manage a variety of product content and customer information.


2、Equipped with functions necessary for an e-commerce site

Search functions, popular products, and new product refinement functions are integrated with the shopping cart to guide customers smoothly through to payment.


3、Provides real-time information

The ability to display real-time information such as inventory and sales allows you to handle products for which freshness of information is important.


Product selection, ordering, and Mobile Payment Apps


Product Sales Made Easy


Easy Order Management

Easy order management on the management screen

The management screen allows you to manage order information, making operations very smooth and less burdensome.


Inventory information is also automatically linked to the application, which is a big advantage when dealing with products where real-time and fresh information is important.

Easy to sell products on the app

Temporarily register the products to be purchased in the cart, and when the products to be purchased are finalized, the order is cleared and the final order is confirmed.


Various types of businesses and industries, as well as business models such as D2C mail order, subscriptions, etc. can be customized and implemented.


The system can be used in conjunction with a Mobile Payment App that allows you to select “card payment,” “convenience store payment,” “bank transfer payment,” and so on.

Shopping Cart app Overview

Shopping Cart app is an application module that integrates all the functions necessary to run an online store.

Shopping Cart app has all the functions necessary to run a store, including inventory management, payment processing, and shipping management.

Shopping Cart app has a real-time update function for inventory information, so users can always check the latest inventory information. It also has a sale management function and a coupon issuing function, allowing users to easily conduct promotions.

Shopping Cart app has a cart function that allows users to temporarily register products they want in their cart and make payments in batches. Shopping Cart app can be applied to businesses in a variety of industries and sectors.

The Shopping Cart app integrates easily with Flutter WordPress, making it easy for users to run an online store without any technical knowledge. Shopping Cart app also has multi-language and multi-currency support, making it suitable for users who are considering global expansion.

The Shopping Cart app can be integrated with the Mobile Payment App to accept credit cards, bank transfers, cash on delivery, and other payment methods. The app also automatically calculates the total price, shipping costs, and sales tax for items added to the cart, making it easy for users to enjoy shopping.

The Shopping Cart app supports business expansion and the launch of new businesses by easily providing the functions necessary to operate an online store.

In addition, Shopping Cart app includes a store customization function, allowing users to customize the design and functions to suit their store.

Shopping Cart app is an extremely useful tool for businesses as the importance of marketing and selling through websites is increasing. Shopping Cart app is expected to be increasingly in demand in the future, as it allows users to easily set up an e-commerce site, which is necessary for business growth, without the need for specialized knowledge.

Flutter WordPress can be customized.

The functions of each app are developed with generic specifications. If you want to change the specification for your own use, you can customize it.

Rather than developing each module from scratch, it is better to customize existing app functions, which shortens the delivery time and lowers the cost significantly.

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