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Add a stamp feature to your WordPress app to enhance your customers' visit and store experience.

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Loyalty Program App | Function

The Loyalty Program Application function creates the pleasure of going to the store.

Loyalty program can be given to users who hold up their smartphones to the QR code Loyalty program can be given to users who hold their phones up to the QR code.

Loyalty Program App is an application module that can be easily introduced into your Flutter WordPress.

Recommended Industries
Restaurants, beauty, lodging, retail, service, amusement, community events, and Game events, sports events, festivals, social events, and many more

Earn loyalty program with QR code


Loyalty program acquisition history management


No paper is needed to loyalty program

Reduced operational work and increased convenience!

Easy and hassle-free loyalty program.
No need to use the management screen when adding loyalty program.
You can freely increase or decrease the number of loyalty program locations and change loyalty program icons.
When a loyalty program is acquired, the location, date, and time can be retrieved as data.
QRコード スキャン

Hold your phone up to the QR code Loyalty program can be easily added.

Launch the app after entering or visiting a store.
The QR code is automatically generated on the management screen.
Print out the QR code and place it in a designated location.
Scan the QR code with your smartphone and get a loyalty program!

Loyalty Program App Overview

Loyalty Program App is a Loyalty Program App module that can be easily implemented in Flutter WordPress, allowing users to earn loyalty program by holding their phone up to a QR code, for use at restaurants and events.

The Loyalty Program App makes loyalty program easy and hassle-free. Loyalty program can be added or subtracted from the loyalty program, and the loyalty program icons can be changed at will.

Loyalty program can also be used for business data analysis, as the location, date, and time of loyalty program can be captured by the app. The Loyalty Program App can be used at restaurants, shops, and other businesses.

Loyalty Program App can be widely used in the restaurant, beauty, lodging, retail, service, and amusement industries, as well as at local events, gaming events, sporting events, festivals, social gatherings, etc. Simply print out the QR code and place it in a designated location, then use your smartphone to scan the QR code to earn loyalty program. Simply read the QR code with your smartphone to earn loyalty program.

By implementing Loyalty Program App in Flutter WordPress, you can create a loyalty program rally that meets the needs of any business, regardless of industry. rally to meet the needs of various businesses, regardless of industry.

Flutter WordPress can be customized.

The functions of each app are developed with generic specifications. If you want to change the specification for your own use, you can customize it.

Rather than developing each module from scratch, it is better to customize existing app functions, which shortens the delivery time and lowers the cost significantly.

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