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The Loyalty Card Application function creates the pleasure of going to the store; users who hold their phones up to the QR code can be given a stamp.


Photo gallery function for organizing photosThe Photo gallery app makes it easy to access, organize, and share photos.


Coupons can be created and distributed based on customer use of the application and store visit history.


Reservations can be automated, and customer management and analysis can also be performed. Data such as date of use, service used, and amount spent can be collected, and customer information is automatically converted into data.


A contact tool that connects operators and users in real time. The Chat app is a chat tool developed for reservations, product inquiries, and other business-related communications.


Can be implemented in a variety of business models in various industries. It is a Shopping Cart app with product selection, ordering, and Mobile Payment Apps necessary for online store management.


This function can be used to promote a company’s products and services by introducing the company’s products and services, explaining how to use the products and services, introducing case studies, corporate PR videos, promotions, recruitment videos, and so on.


Push Notification apps enable effective marketing. Push Notification apps can be used to acquire potential customers and attract repeat customers.


Easily create and publish materials and brochures in digital format. Create and distribute digital catalogs easily and effectively.


Safe and secure payment environment with a variety of payment options. Various payment methods can be selected, including credit card and convenience store payment.


Provide members-only services. Members can register and log in to the system, and use the application function and Push Notification apps, etc., which can be viewed only by members.


When you make an application of WordPress contents, you can register the pages you often browse, and when you want to look back later, you can easily call up the bookmarks.

The App Function Module will be released one after another with new functions that will lead to effectiveness.
Various original app functions other than those listed above can also be added to Flutter WordPresss, so please feel free to contact us.

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